Garden Requiem

A last lament before destruction. 

An audio visual exploration. 


AI explorations of the omniprescent divine 

Project : 01 

Two lovers are caught in a mystical dreamscape, where dream and reality blur. A fantasy turns into a nightmare, and then back on the other side of the dream. Things are not as they seem. 


Growing is a personal video project, rooted out of the many changes in our life that come about as we start to develop our identities as individuals.

The short explores the relationship between nature vs. nuture and future vs. past selves. 


Ceramics is a playful exploration of texture and motion, with abstract ceramics as the focal point. Models created in Cinema 4D and animated in After Effects. 

Music and models by Baobab

Earthenware Music Video 

Earthenware is a debut project for artist Baobab; an exploration of sound design and visual distortion. 

3D asserts created in Cinema 4D and animated in After Effects. Compiled in Adobe Premiere Pro

Music and models by Baobab

Ericka Guitron Promo Video

Ericka Guitron is a Los Angeles based pop soul artist. This promo video was created for her EP release and with visuals focusing on her song Irreversible. 

Maison de Faux Behind the Scenes

The creative fashion studio Maison the Faux is made up of a duo of designers, Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer. Known for their creative runway presentations and gender neutral clothing Maison the Faux is paving the way to a more liberating and inclusive fashion industry.

Behind the scenes video created for Maison de Faux's editorial & interview in Subvrt Magazine.

View interview here