Santa Cruz Island- A Channel Island Get Away

Santa Cruz Island is a little known gem off the coast of Ventura.

The lush blue water, island foxes and myraid of trails ensures there is more than enough to do at all hours of the day.

ALthough it did get noisy during the day, at night the campgrounds and beaches were quiet, save for the summer cicadias and the sound of the shore. The weather was a perfect temperate 70 almost the entire duration of my late june stay.

At night, the stars shone brightly. However, the moon was a lanturn that often prevented the stars from fully shining through. It was a full moon the week I went, and it was so bright out at night you didn't need a lamp for hiking or late night bathroom trips.

Snorkeling was probably the best part of the trip. I haven't been snorkeling since I was 13, and trying it again was almost like trying it anew. The water was very cold during the day if you weren't moving around,and at times the seaweed would wrap around you thickly like a dark, heavy blanket.

I loved my stay here at the island and I hope to come back soon.