Behind the Scenes: Slab City Shoot

My shoot at Slab City this past weekend was nothing short of a circus spectacular. Mounds of glittry shoes, fluffy fur coats, and clothes galore tossed about left and right.

Mary Bee was an amazing stylist. I was constantly impressed by her ability to pull something out of seemingly nothing. As the owner of the well known vintage shop, Hidden Treasures, I expected nothing less.


stylist/production @missmarybee

MUA : @susie.mua@crissystardus @rachel7mj

Location @eastjesusart wardrobe pulls courtesy of @hiddentreasurestopanga

A pile of shoes just waiting to rummaged through.

The coat rack

I'm grinning ear to ear throughout the whole process.

It really is a beautiful sight to behold.

We had multiple makeup artist and models who doubled as photographers throughout the whole day.

Those who weren't modeling were shooting.

You can check out her shop: here.



Stylist/Production/Shoot Coordinator

Mary Bee



Lizzie Rose (also modeled)


Tori Cawley (also modeled)




Kessia Embry


Chris Benton (also modeled)


Makeup Artists

Crissy Stardust (also modeled)


Rachel Johnson (also modeled)


Susie Salazar



Gabrielle Washington


Beccy Quinn


Brittany Storm


Ofer Fuchs