Graphic Design

Posters and Flyers

When you listen to a song? What do you feel? What do you see?

These graphics were created as an exercise in visual communication, grounded in songs that help creativity flow and the mind wander. 


Knife shoes and bodyplate  created by Calvin Chan

Graphic Exploration

This series of graphics was created for an electronic musician. The cover illustrations take deep inspiration from the textures and patterns of marine life and the natural world. 

Sketches + illustration

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carribean reef squid is me
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Save Our Shrimp
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Lotus Rice Pot
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Rice For Days
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まぐろ Rice Cooker
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Hearts that Break
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Liquid Soap vs. Soap Bars
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Hands That Bind
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Disonant Cube
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Trash Behemoth
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Animated Gifs

Subvert Worldwide Pride Event Flyers

Posters designed for Subvrt Magazine's Charity event in partnership with Trans Women of Color Collective to raise money for resources and representation for trans woman of all shades and background. 


TWOCC focuses on health and wellness and economic, gender and racial justice.  Their community initiatives, events, lectures, retreats and gatherings use art, culture and media as tools to engage community members in exploring and activating their power as a transformative change agent deeply invested in collective healing and liberation.


The Worldwide Pride issue will feature a wide range of queer stories from editorials to interviews to personal essays. Our cover model Love Bailey is a prominent representative and advocate for the trans community, and we are proud to feature her in this issue. Shot by Gustavo Oliver and Lloyd Galbraith 

UX/Ui Design



In partnernship with Heal the Bay, the game prototype of Aqua Adventure was created to engage, educate and inform the players about the threats that sea creatures face. Users race to explore local beaches and try to avoid pollution, predators, and eat enough food to survive.